Monday, March 30, 2009

Letter from Blake 3/16

All is well here. Our platoon was moved into white phase which should mean more responsibility for the Platoon Guides (PG) and the DS taking a more hands off or stand back approach. Our leaders were doing good because they had been in for a few days and had an idea of how things need to be done. I had the best position because I didn't actually have an official leadership role but I was the PG's advisor so to say. I was the bug that whispered ideas into the PG's ear.
Our platoon was assigned to stay at the Company Quarters along with Second Platoon. The DS's were out with the other platoons and had a bad day because when they got back DS Harbough fired everyone. It was a shock to us all.
The next leadership group lasted a day and 1/2. They were fired because they lost accountability of two rifles. DS Rosenbough had to go and retrieve one of the rifles from 1st Sergeant. They got us all chewed out and people (privates) fired from leadership. The other weapon owner now has to have his weapon tied to him day and night.
DS was in the middle of yelling at us when he stopped and called out Gray and myself. He said he was tired of experimental leadership and told everyone we were the new PG's. Afterwards he pulled us aside and told us to straighten the platoon out.
That puts us in a tough spot because we don't have any actual authority to enforce our commands. The positive is we have complete support from the DS's. We have been in for around a week now. Maybe a little less. The platoon semi-respects us and we can already see a difference in how we (the platoon) act. They pretty much know if I stand up and face everyone they are getting too loud and need to be quiet.
The past few days I have been intermixed with other platoons in lines and for chow for some reason and I have noticed our platoon rocks. We are rough around the edges but we are the best platoon at getting stuff done.
I like my position because I feel like I'm helping and being useful but I tell you, it is draining. I get to the point where I don't want anyone to call my name or ask me another question. All I want to do is sit in a room by myself in silence.

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