Thursday, November 10, 2011


Not really much of an update picture wise. That will come later tonight.
We got home from California on October 30. Totally forgot the next day was Halloween (found out when kids started walking up to our door in costumes) so we didn't go trick or treating OR pass out candy. I put out a "no candy" sign, shut the front door and put a movie on so the boys wouldn't hear anything. I figure they're young enough this year for it to not matter much. Next year will be different.
Other then that, we've just been getting settled back in after 2 months of being away. Cleaning up dead Rollie pollies, dead roaches, dead geckos, dead fish, and dead plants. We did have someone feeding the fish and plants but . . . oh, well!
Today is Jacob's 3rd birthday! We were supposed to go out for pizza but all three of us are sick so we went to Target to get some underwear for Jacob (until today he only had a couple accidents), but I did get him a birthday icee at the food place. And I told him he didn't have to share with Josh. But he did anyway. Josh and I were sharing a Pumpkin Spice Frappicino.

Some stats for the boys as of yesterday:
Josh - 24 lbs and 34" tall
Jacob - 42 lbs and 42" tall

They are getting so big!