Friday, May 8, 2009

Updating my life . . .

There's been a ton of stuff to happen in the last little while. I'll post a whole bunch of stuff to get us up to date . . .
First thing . . . Leo Carrillo!! Melissa's husband, Zion, came with us for part of the time and then had to go home. Blake was in Basic Training, Matt was on a mission, so the whole family wasn't there but it was still a blast. There were a few firsts for everyone as well as things that happen almost every year.
J's first time at the beach

The three babies from left to right . . . Jacob (5 mos), Melissa's daughter Brooklyn (or Tia) (5 mos), and Heidi's daughter Afton (6 mos). (Is it just me or does Jacob seem like the oldest and NOT the youngest?? Tee-hee!)

We always go with the Green family and it always seems to rain at least once while we're there. This year was no different.
J's first time camping
The (almost) Family
Blake graduated from Basic Training and we went to South Carolina to see him. I was allowed to drive him to Georgia for Officer Candidate School so we were able to spend a few days together before he had to report. He'll be in OCS until July 16.
Jacob's first time in an airport. He did pretty well!
Taking a ride on Grandpa's shoulders.
Blake's in the very back row, second in from the right. You can see his beret sticking up.
"Where's my family?" He hadn't seen us yet.
My cute army man . . . I mean men!
One of the newest Soldiers for the US Army!! And Jacob :o)
Jacob and I didn't go home after dropping Blake off at OCS. We went to New Hampshire for two weeks to visit my sister and her family. That trip will come later.


Zion And Missy said...

Nice pics. Love the last one especially!! Don't forget to post pictures of your trip to nh. No one wants to miss those!

Susan said...

Jacob in his beach hat - got to love it. Also, the three babies - how fun was that. You have some great shots of Blake I have pirated to my blog - thanks.
See you soon,
Mom Dunn

Parks Family said...

glad you got to see Blake. We are thinking about joining you all in Georga later this summer. That is if Kevin's knee is up for the trip.

Rinez said...

Blake looks great! He did it! Be sure to tell him "thanks" from Doug and Rinez. We are proud of him. Your little guy is so handsome.