Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blake asked me to post this

I was sitting in church on Sunday and I had the impression to write down my experience regarding joining the Army. When people would ask me why I signed up to join the Army my first response was "someone has to, why not me?" I said this as a jovial way to skirt the question. I did this because the decision Sara and I made regarding the Army is very personal to me, but as stated I feel inspired to share it.
At the end of summer break 2008 I went on a backpacking trip with some friends of mine and my dad. It was a great trip. The week after was also the week before Fall semester started at Fresno State University. During that week, or rather at the beginning of that week, I had what I perceived as a random thought about joining the Army. I laughed at the notion of me in the Army. Sure, I like to hike and "rough it" but I never saw myself as an Army soldier. Throughout that week the "random thought" kept coming back to the point of waking up in the middle of the night thinking about it. I decided that this thought might not be so random.Once I considered that I might be receiving promptings it became blatantly obvious that I was.
I told Sara on the next Sunday it was that I felt prompted to look into joining the Army. When she knew I was acting because of a prompting she was immediately supportive. We went to the closest Army Recruiting Station to gain information. (Sara's note here - I had him look into ALL the military branches just to be sure.) SSG Williams assisted us and was very helpful and informative. Over the course of the next few months Sara and I met frequently with SSG Williams, fasted (I fasted, since Sara was pregnant she didn't. Jacob's appreciative I'm sure), talked, and prayed about this huge decision we were considering. After talking to countless relatives, friends, and associates who have served in the military and everything above mentioned, Sara and I felt that the Army is where I need to be.
I have always had respect for those who are in the armed services because their sacrifice is what allows me to live the life I do. Since I have been in Basic Combat Training that respect has grown because I have a small taste of what sacrifices service men and women have to make. However, despite patriotism, adventure and duty to country I am here for one main reason. My parents have always told me that Heavenly Father needs good men everywhere. I have tried to live my life to be considered a good man and my Heavenly Father has sent me to the Army for His own purposes. I cannot disobey. I will go and do whatever He commands and do my absolute best because I know His ways are higher then mine and I trust Him completely. What lies ahead I do not know. But I do know I am where my Father wants me to be and with His strength I truly can do all things.


geoffsn said...

Every member I know in the Armed Forces joined this same way. I find it a very comforting to know that. On a similar note, I've been reading a book recently about the war called Fiasco, and the author points out many times that had our civilian appointed leaders actually listened to what the Armed Forces, especially the Army, told them, Iraq would be a much different place right now, fewer lives would have been lost, and everything might have been stable and over with years ago.

Susan said...

Beautiful Son. Thank you for sharing your intimate experience.
We love you.
Mom & Dad

Lindsay Quinney said...

That definitely takes a lot of faith and trust in the Lord on both of your parts. I hope everything is going well for you!

Zion And Missy said...

Thats is a great experience. Thanks for sharing that. I do feel we need more people like Blake serving our country...thanks for sharing him and supoporting him. :) Mom and dad were talking about coming to visit you at Christmas time. I think we will come and visit, too. Do you think you will be out of the country and have no idea at this point? Mom keeps talking about Germany (who knows where she gets that idea). Either way, that will be fun. See you in 4 days!!!!!! YEAH!!!!

Zion And Missy said...

Add some things to moms blog. She needs to keep it up!
Aiden's comment: wdscwwwwwwwwwww w w w w v-

Rinez said...

The Army does have a good man in Blake and a very good woman in Sara. We are thankful for what you are both sacrificing and doing for us, as American citizens. We are also thankful for your humble example of obedience.

Grace said...

Thanks for sharing this :) It's always good to know you are doing what God would have you do