Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well, things have been just truckin' along. Blake found out a week ago that he's going to Sapper school, so he'll be leaving this Tuesday and will be gone for the next month. And I got a new calling. Besides being the co-ward organist and the Relief Society Pianist I am now also the Relief Society Education (1st) Councilor. Busy, busy, busy!

Jacob dropped a toy by the side of the couch and when he crawled to get it he got stuck!

Jacob loves to play by Josh. Sometimes he tries to share and it scares me half to death because he'll drop a block on Joshua's tummy or head but for the most part Jacob is pretty gentle.

One month old now!

We had macaroni for dinner one day and we let Jacob feed himself. When we went to clean him up, we found a noodle on the back of his head. I think it had been there for most of dinner.

We see this look often! I think he needs a diaper change now!

Jacob chillin' with Daddy after work.

So tired!

We usually need to take Jacob's shirt off after breakfast because he gets so messy. On this particular morning, Jacob decided he was going to take his own shirt off. He got his head out but couldn't figure out how to get his arms out.

Jacob put kix in his mouth as he was drinking his milk.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taken the weekend before my mom went home and I went into labor.

On Monday, April 26th I had an OB appt. Just the usual past-the-due-date appointment. The Doctor decided to have an ultrasound done to check my fluid levels and it ended up being really low so I was sent to the hospital to be induced. Blake came home from work for lunch and ended up not going back. This is us at around 1-ish waiting for a nurse to come get me.
The labor went a lot more quickly then with Jacob and around 8:30 pm Joshua David came into the world. He was 20 inches long and weighed just under 8 pounds. 7 pounds 15 1/2 oz to be exact. (LOL!!!)

Dinnertime for the new mama.
The next day, my mom and Jacob came to the hospital to see the new baby - My beautiful sons!

With all my boys! (I'm really outnumbered now)
I'm really thankful that my mom was able to come. She left the night after Joshua was born. I'm glad he came while she was still here. Blake was able to spend the first night with me in the hospital.
Blake has been home for the past week and will be home for the next week. He's been taking care of cleaning, cooking (minus the meals the RS brought in - THANK YOU!!) and also entertaining Jacob.
Breakfast with Daddy
Oatmeal? Where?
Jacob has been doing really well with his new brother. He tries to share pacifiers, burp cloths and graham crackers. He sometimes gets a little rough but most of the time, he either ignores Joshua completely or gently pokes or pets him.