Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm so far behind it's not even funny.

Jacob deleted most of my pictures so these aren't the best ones but it's all he left me with.

Every year for the 4th of July Schofield Barracks puts on a spectacular all day event. There are rides, a petting zoo, food, games, live music, a car giveaway, a military working dog show, and the day ends with fire works. We went early in the morning so we would be able to go home (it was a few blocks away) and take a nap before the fireworks.

This is the only animal he touched. He did take a pony ride and I got a terrific video but he deleted that.

There was a family from our ward that we ran into and we spent a little while with them going on a couple rides. I think it's so cute to see them holding hands so they don't get lost.
They went on the helicopter ride and Jacob was loving it until he saw me and then he started crying. (That picture is on my friend's camera.)

Blake said no leash for Jacob but he didn't say anything about Jacob holding us on a leash. LOL!!

This is the boys watching fireworks. Sometimes they liked it, sometimes they didn't.

Did I mention that in the middle of the show it started POURING rain. This picture was taken after just a few minutes.

This is where Jacob decides that he's done and wants to go home.

Our ward went on a camping trip. A few families stayed the whole time - we were one of them. I have to admit I was INCREDIBLY nervous. I wasn't going to go but my mom talked me into it while she was here. It was a lot of fun. We had to buy a tent but I got a great deal on it. $60 for a tent that can hold two queen size mattresses and is 6' 2" high so Blake can almost stand in it. I brought the pack and play for Josh to sleep in and Jacob slept with me on the air mattress. I've discovered I don't like sleeping with him. He gets incredibly warm and is a cuddler. I can't stand having people sleep that close. His elbow in my side, legs draped across me, no thank you. Next time he gets his own bed. But it was was a lot of fun. There were a couple of little girls there to take care of the boys.

Josh discovered chewing on his toes is fun.

His face is messy from eating dirt. You can tell this is my 2nd child. One of the girls ran up to me and told me and I told her that as long as he wasn't eating rocks or roaches I didn't care.

There was a little boy there around Jacob's age. Grant's family lives down the street from us and are in our ward. He's one of Jacob's favorite kids to play with.

One night while we were making smores (again pictures are missing due to Jacob deleting), we found some frogs.

Here Charity is trying to capture it.

Charity and her prisoner.

Clay helped his dad to catch another one and Charity wanted to play.

Making the frogs kiss.

Lately Jacob has been on a fruit kick. His latest discovery is oranges.

On one of our after dinner walks we saw the moon and now Jacob always looks for the moon in the sky. I don't know why but whenever he sees a moon when it's daylight he calls it "Daddy's moon." This is the boys favorite cart because they can "drive". It drives me nuts because there is only one seat belt.

Dinner time fun. At least it was fun for the boys. Not for the Mommy who had to clean it up.

Jacob loved pulling Joshie around in the bucket. Joshie loved riding. I loved that they were playing nicely together.