Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!! Again :o)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our lives have changed yet again

So many things happening to us in the past couple of weeks. First off - the flood. A couple of weeks ago, it rained cats and dogs the ENTIRE weekend. Blake usually leaves stinkin' early in order to make it to work on time. About 5:45 am he wakes me up and tells me there's an emergency and I need to get dressed and come help him. Because there had been so much rain, the river flooded over and crossed the street. Because it had been so dark when Blake left he didn't notice that the street had become the river's extension. So there ended up being a few inches of water that rushed into his car as he tried to drive down the river . . . I mean street. So he wakes me up and has me help bale water out of his car. He ends up taking my car the other way, realizes that way is cut off too and ends up not going to work until MUCH later that morning. He ended up taking the carpet completely out of the car and for the last two weeks the weather has been beautiful so the carpet has been outside, drying. He put it back in yesterday and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. No mildew or anything. Such a blessing! (The no mildew part, not the flooding.)

Yes. That is a pitcher I'm using to get water out of the car.

Blake took a wet/dry vac to the carpet to get more water out of it.

The road going away from our house into town.

The other way - away from our house.

Because of that, we decided to move. We were able to get on post within the next week and now we're living in a 3 bedroom duplex which is 5 min away from where Blake works. If we got flooded in (Ha-ha) Blake could walk to work in 15 min. It's nice being in civilization again. And having the Internet back. We are definitely city folk. We spent our time in the country and we've decided that we've had enough.
Yesterday was Jacob's birthday. We ended up celebrating today because Blake had the day off work (Go Veteran's Day!)
We had pancakes for Jacob's birthday breakfast.

Jacob didn't quite get what was going on with the candle on the cupcake and singing "Happy Birthday". He just stared at us like "I'm supposed to be excited about fire on a cake? Just give me the cake!!"

Jacob (Daddy) is reading the card that Momma and Daddy got for him. (He liked the fuzzy duck on it)

Jacob also had his 1 year Dr appointment and got vaccinations. He was so good and didn't cry until the very end. He started whimpering at the 3rd shot and really started crying on the 4th but it didn't last too long. He now weighs 26 lbs 4 1/2 oz (90%) and is 32" long (90%). Still our big boy.
And I got my hair cut! Finally, after about a year. It had been way down past the middle of my back and now it just brushes my shoulders. No pictures of that.

We find out next Wednesday if we're having a boy or girl.

And still no word about where we're going after this.