Sunday, July 25, 2010

Haven't posted in a while so this is long.

Jacob loves Ketchup!
Jacob loves his brother!
Mom! He's biting me!
Giving Josh a kiss.
Jacob doesn't like blueberries. He threw them on the ground.
On our way to California! Jacob had his own seat.

My mom started laughing so hard I thought she would fall over.
Happy 4th of July!

I see no cupcake.
You can't prove I ate it!

Gonna grow up to be like Grandpa.
Cousin Tia and Jacob playing the piano.
Olive Garden! YUMMY!
While in Fresno, we were able to take family pictures. Thank you Gwen Hawkins.

Blake's sister Sonnet married Christian Weaver on July 8th.
Daddy was supposed to put Jacob to bed.
That is a trouble-maker look if I ever saw one!
The family for Joshua's blessing. The Weavers, Parks (what is plural for Parks? Parkses? Parkss?) , Dunns, Termeers and Tilleys.

Mom Dunn made the blessing outfit out of the dress that Melissa and I wore when we were married.

Slip-n-sliding at Grandma and Grandpa Dunns home.
Grandpa and Josh relaxing.
Puddles are so much fun!
Jacob did a good job playing air hockey with cousin Jared. (See video)
Picnic, tennis and swimming in Tahoe.

A couple days ago Jacob woke up and had 43 mosquito bites on his body. The next day he had several more.
The Battalion honored Josh at their Hail and Farewell and presented us with a pewter cup with Josh's name and date of birth on it.
Tonight at dinner Jacob started making silly faces.