Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our life updated until today . . . bear with us!

These past few months have been nothing but travel from California to South Carolina to Georgia to New Hampshire - back to California and then from California to Georgia a couple more times. We also travelled to Bakersfield a couple of times to visit Blake's family. AHHHH! Jacob has been wonderful through it all - he is really very good on the 5/6 hour flights. It's me that is absolutely and completely SICK AND TIRED of travelling. But that's ok, one more big trip and (hopefully) we'll be done for a while.
Here are some pictures from our last couple trips.

Oops! Scared him a little in this one!

Jacob always hated tummy time so we would stand him up on his feet and help him to walk around. He's better with tummy time now but I doubt he'll crawl the normal way. He likes to be on his hands and feet as he tries to scoot around.
Almost an officer!

This is at the Officer Candidate Formal. It was so much fun! I got to meet the faces behind names I'd heard about. My mother-in-law made my dress for me. Thank you so much!

This is Jacob's new travel high chair. It's really very neat. It's entirely made of fabric so that you can fold it up really small (great for suitcases) and it just slides over almost any chair with a back. As you can see - he likes it!

For the OCS graduation, Blake's parents, sister Sonnet and sister Tiffany and her family came. We hung out the week of graduation and did some pretty fun things. We went to Callaway Gardens and walked around for a bit. Jacob had fun being pushed around by Grandpa.

In Callaway Gardens there was a butterfly atrium. (Yes, I took this picture. Turned out rather nice. :o))

Florida State put on a circus act .

Enjoying watching the show with Grandpa.

Our cute 8 month old!

If you look carefully, you'll see two teeth!

After OCS graduation, Blake was able to choose someone to give him his first salute. He chose his Dad - who had been in the Navy. (Hence the uniform)

Trying watermelon for the first time at Grandma Termeer's house. Not liking it at all.

Already loving playing in boxes.

We finally found out when we're moving . . . in a week! We'll be going to Missouri from August 6 to the end of February. We just got back two weeks ago from Georgia and we spent a couple of days at home and then went to Bakersfield to visit Blake's family and friends there. We just got home on Sunday so needless to say, I've been hard at work trying to get things ready for moving. The army is going to move us so that's one less thing I have to worry about but I've never moved moved so far before (mission and school don't count) so I'm needing to weed things out. Wish us luck!