Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another letter from Blake!
2-9-09 - I was able to go to church yesterday. Another private came with me. We have to always have someone with us, called our battle buddy. This particular soldier hadn't been to church in years. He sat next to me in the non-denominational service and agreed to come for the other service as well. He and his wife recently got back together after being separated and felt like he needed to start going to church again. We left for church right as our platoon was beginning to form up for chow. Church was great. It felt so good to be among the Saints. Having the fellowship of other members is so important. I didn't realize that until I had no other members around. I have to always be mindful who I am and what my standards are all the time. It would be so easy to slip because I physically stand alone. Spiritually I am never alone. With Christ I can do all things. I never feel alone. Living my standards doesn't feel difficult to me.

Jacob ready to go for a walk.

Poor guy! He's smiling but I scared him half to death.

Happy again!!

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Zion And Missy said...

I love his letters. :) I am sure you can't wait until he's home. Don't worry Jacob, we'll get her back for scaring you...poor guy!