Friday, September 12, 2008

The world is NOT going to end!

I know, this is the second post in what, a week? Things are ok. Don't worry. Blake took a couple of pictures of me the other day and we just wanted to show our friends what his 7 month pregnant wife looks like now. The scary thing is, I'll only get bigger. :o|

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Church Welfare

In the Fresno area the church's welfare project is a vineyard. The members of the 4 Fresno stakes pick grapes and lay them on paper trays to dry into raisins. That gets done toward the end of summer. When it's the end of fall we go back to the vineyard and prune, tie up the vines, and pull weeds and such. I'm in the YW program and for one of our mutuals we went to the vineyard. I didn't do too much. My tummy kinda got in the way. I was just there for moral support and to go fill up water bottles. (I still got Cold Stone after!) So there's my mom and me in a picture.
Don't ask who the other people are in the other picture. They're ward members but the picture is too bad to recognize anyone and I doubt you'd know them anyway ;-) Blake couldn't go until the Monday after - he didn't take any pictures. Funny story - Blake always seems to have problems when he goes to the vineyard. The last season he went, his keys got locked in the car one day and somehow on another day the car decides to take a closer look at the vines. One got destroyed and one seriously injured. This time was a little better but not by much. He gets to our row and he's the only one there that he knows. He works all morning and when finished with the row goes to another one, where, miraculously, there is an abundance of familiar faces who didn't believe that he had been there for an hour and for the rest of the day teased him that he showed up when the work was almost done.