Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sigh . . . .

Apparently, my children have no problem NOT being born. Jacob was 6 days late and Joshua is halfway to following his brothers footsteps. 3 days later and I am still doing whatever just waiting for him to make an appearance.
It's been really nice having my mom here though. She came last Monday and I've been able to sleep until 8 am every day!! Soooooo nice!!!! She takes care of Jacob, I take care of unpacking. Sort of. I feel like a cow so it's a little hard and I get tired, but we're settling in more and more every day.
Yesterday, we all drove to Matsumoto's. The BEST shave ice I've EVER had. Seriously. There is a difference. They shave the ice so fine it melts in your mouth so quickly. And you can get it with a scoop of ice cream or sweetened condensed milk..... ummmmmm!!! I got a Hawaiian blend with ice cream. A scoop of ice cream, covered in shaved ice, covered with banana, coconut and pineapple flavoring. We only got a small and decided that wasn't enough so my mom and I are going to go back today and get another one. :o)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We haven't really done too many "touristy" type things since we moved to Hawaii. We've been focusing on trying to get everything in order - house, car, Blake's job - before the baby comes. The one thing that we have done was to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. We went with Nick and Christina Clemmer - who we knew when we were at Fort Leonard Wood.

Jacob loved the shows. Just sat and stared at the performers the whole time.

Our dinner!! It was soooooo good!
There was a coconut dessert and Jacob DID NOT like it.

Living in Hawaii has its advantages. You make new friends. Like this gecko that came into our house. We have another one that lives behind the light on our front porch. We see him every night.

We've been wanting to get a fish tank for a while and couldn't resist when we saw a tank kit for a reasonable price.
Ready to go . . . no fish yet.

This last Saturday there was a ward potluck/beach trip. It was so fun!

Jacob and Daddy playing football.
Family Pic
Jacob and Daddy walking along the shore.
We've loved being here so far! Our ward is very friendly and we have callings already! I am the Relief Society Pianist and the Co-Organist and Blake is the Gospel Principles teacher.
Blake likes his job at work. He is an engineering officer but they didn't have room for him in the Engineering Company so he is working as the Battalion Maintenance Officer in the Motor Pool. Usually a warrent officer does that job but until this last Friday they didn't have one so Blake has been learning the ropes. When they got a warrent officer, Blake was told that he would be staying on and continuing to learn that job. We don't know when he'll end up going somewhere else, but it will be a learning experience.