Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with Jacob

This was our first Christmas with Jacob. (Obviously, since he was just born [there will be a lot of firsts for a while.]) We went over to Mom and Dad Termeer's for Christmas day and Mom and Dad Dunn's the following weekend.

Jacob helped to open his Christmas present.
Like most babies he was more interested in keeping a vice-like grip on the wrapping paper then looking at the books that Grandma and Grandpa Termeer gave to him.
We didn't take pictures at Grandma and Grandpa Dunns :o(

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Outing

The other day, Blake was invited to play Rugby with a bunch of the YSA's. Jacob and I went to go cheer him on. This is the first time that Jacob has been out to something other then a family activity and the first outdoor one. Ignorant mom forgot gloves so I had to improvise. I gave him mine and he looked so funny that I had to take a picture.

Kinda makes me think of a scarecrow. But he loved it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our BIG boy

Jacob had his one month birthday this last monday. And his one month check up at the Doctors. He is going to be HUGE unless he just stops growing. He is now 22 1/2 inches long (90th percentile) and 12 lbs 11 oz (the nurse didn't even give me an exact percentile. She just told me over 95%)
Wow!! How big is he going to get???

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Jacob went to his first Christmas party last night. He is so cute that we hardly held him all night. Even Santa kept him for 5 min after this picture!

This is an outfit that Grandma Dunn got for him. Too cute!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok, Ok

We finally got some more pictures on our blog. (To be honest, we'd forgotten how to put slideshows on.) But with that figured out, things can get fun.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jacob Aden Dunn

Welcome little Jacob
Nov 10, 2008
9 lbs.
21.7 in.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Come and Gone

My due date was yesterday. The baby is still not here and the Dr said this morning that there has been no change in the past three weeks. So much for being a ripe banana. {sigh} But that's OK. I've had a million people tell me that usually first babies are late so I kind of expected it. The baby is officially late now so Mom and Dad Termeer and Dunn just because we call you doesn't necessarily mean that I'm in labor but one of these days . . . :o)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There's Strong, then there's Army Strong... and then there's Blake

Guess what...I'm joining the Army! With all this talk about a baby I'll bet you all never saw that one coming. On Feb 4, 2009 I will be entering Basic Combat Training (BCT) also known as boot camp at Fort Jackson South Carolina. BCT will last 9 weeks and 4 days. On April 27, 2009 I will be entering Officers Candidate School (OCS) at Fort Bennington Georgia. OCS will last 12 weeks. Upon completion of OCS I will be the lowest ranking officer, a second lieutenant. Because I'm going to be going in as an officer opposed to a regular enlisted soldier I don't get the luxury of picking my profession. Once I complete OCS I will begin my commission with a 3 year commitment to active duty followed by 5 years as a reservist. Go Army!

Baby Update

I went to the Dr today and she said that I'm still at 1/2 cm but that's normal with a first baby. She also said that I'm 60% effaced and that the baby is so low, that if he went 1 1/2 inches lower he'd be coming out. Whoo-hoo! Hopefully we'll have this baby sooner rather then later.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Speak out

At school today there was a table in the free speech area with Representatives passing out pamphlets and information encouraging students to vote no on prop 8 and 4 (the parental notification prior to abortion amendment). They advertised a discussion panel which would have Representatives from both sides of both issues. I decided that I would go and support prop 8.

I put a bumper sticker on my binder and skated off to school. When i arrived I noticed that there was still no fliers or information regarding yes on 8. When the discussion panel began the moderator announced that no one from yes on prop 8 showed up. Upon questioning it was made known that yes on 8 was contacted in advance and committed to being present then soon declined due to prior debates around town. Another group advocating prop 8 was contacted and asked to participate pretty much with no notification and thus had to decline.

After the no on prop 8 had an opportunity to give their prepared remarks the moderator was about to open it up to Q&A. A man standing against the wall offered to say a few impromptu words about yes on 8. Once the Q&A was opened up those of us who support prop 8 spoke up in defence of the proposition.

I don't know if the organization hosting the discussion hoped that only one side of the proposition would be present or only half attempted to find some one to represent yes on prop 8. But I do know that we all need to stand up for what we believe. In that forum I stood up and commented on the sanctity of marriage and found that I was not alone. I encourage everyone to attend any political function discussing proposition 8 because if we all rely on someone else to fight our cause there may be many rooms with only one side of a panel to be heard.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ripe banana???

This last Wednesday I went to my OB and she told me that I was a ripe banana. The baby had dropped way low and I was dilated 1/2 cm. (I know, I know, it's not that much but it's a start.)
My doctor said that she'd be surprised if I lasted until my due date because I look so "ripe". That's when she compared me to a banana. She said that if you think about a banana it goes from green to yellow to brown. So green = early pregnancy, yellow= late pregnancy, brown = ripe = anytime I can go into labor, water breaks, the whole shebang. We'll see.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Temple in Rome!!!

We were so excited yesterday morning when it was announced at conference that a Temple would be built in Rome, Italy. For those that don't know, my little brother Matt, is currently serving there. A few months ago, he sent us these pictures. He and his companion had visited the temple site and took some pictures.

The Temple Site

Olive trees on the Temple site

Anziano (Elder) Termeer

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're really sorry!!! :o(

We really do love our family, but lately we've been forgetting about everyones birthday until someone else has already mentioned it. Starting now (it's a new month) we'll turn over a new leaf and we will try to call everyone on their birthday. So, happy birthday to all our family who has had a birthday so far this year.

Go to this website if we missed your birthday. Click play and then chat.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The world is NOT going to end!

I know, this is the second post in what, a week? Things are ok. Don't worry. Blake took a couple of pictures of me the other day and we just wanted to show our friends what his 7 month pregnant wife looks like now. The scary thing is, I'll only get bigger. :o|

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Church Welfare

In the Fresno area the church's welfare project is a vineyard. The members of the 4 Fresno stakes pick grapes and lay them on paper trays to dry into raisins. That gets done toward the end of summer. When it's the end of fall we go back to the vineyard and prune, tie up the vines, and pull weeds and such. I'm in the YW program and for one of our mutuals we went to the vineyard. I didn't do too much. My tummy kinda got in the way. I was just there for moral support and to go fill up water bottles. (I still got Cold Stone after!) So there's my mom and me in a picture.
Don't ask who the other people are in the other picture. They're ward members but the picture is too bad to recognize anyone and I doubt you'd know them anyway ;-) Blake couldn't go until the Monday after - he didn't take any pictures. Funny story - Blake always seems to have problems when he goes to the vineyard. The last season he went, his keys got locked in the car one day and somehow on another day the car decides to take a closer look at the vines. One got destroyed and one seriously injured. This time was a little better but not by much. He gets to our row and he's the only one there that he knows. He works all morning and when finished with the row goes to another one, where, miraculously, there is an abundance of familiar faces who didn't believe that he had been there for an hour and for the rest of the day teased him that he showed up when the work was almost done.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to life

This whole last week Blake's dad, Blake, and a few of his friends went backpacking at Coyote Lake. It took them until the morning of the third day to get to where they were going but by the end of the trip they were so ready to sleep in beds and be with their family that they went the same distance back in only one day. They had such a great time that they decided next year they should get together again. But this time, bring the family and stay in a nice cabin.

That was the last big trip for Blake for a while because school starts for him on Tuesday the 26th.

Another big thing for us . . . we moved!!! We were living in a tiny one bedroom apartment and would've had to have gotten rid of half our living room furniture when the baby came. We decided that it would be a lot nicer to just get a bigger apartment. So we moved to the other side of our complex into a two bedroom unit. It seems SOOOO much bigger then the last place.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Second timer

At first we thought that we were doing pritty good simply by creating a blog. However, we now know that it is worse to start a blog and not keep it up than it is to not start a blog at all. We will try to update this more often.
Sara is getting big and happy. Pregnancy is probobly one of the only few times a wife will come up and tell her husband with a big smile that she is gaining weight. We are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Little Jacob

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Timer

So. Everyone seems to be jumping on the Blog Train, so we decided, "why not?" It's a lot easier then writing a million emails (which we don't do) and people still are able to find out what's new in the Dunn family. What is new????? We are having a BOY!!