Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We have a house!

We shouldn't have gotten this house, but we prayed, fasted, played the pregnancy card and got people to talk to higher ups and now we're going to live in a 4 bedroom townhouse on post! Whoo-hoo!!!! So excited!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still in a hotel but that's ok.

No house yet. But it's nice because I don't have to make the beds, take out the trash, vacuum, cook . . . LOL!

Found this picture on Blake's phone. This is right before the Formal Banquet that we went to in Missouri. Thanks Mom Dunn for making me the dress!!

Jacob has an entire crib to sleep in but he chooses to sleep like this for part of the time every night.

We went to the Hawaii Temple to walk around and found this frog in the walk way. Just sitting there. Totally dead. And it was as big as Blake's fist. He wanted to take another picture with his hand in the picture but the camera battery died. That's also why we don't have any family pics in front of the Temple.

Jacob likes to try shoes on.

Jacob and Daddy having fun.

Just woke up. Don't you just love the bed-head look?

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, we finally made it to Hawaii. We had an hour flight from St. Louis to Chicago and then a 9 hour flight to Honolulu. I'm really glad that Jacob had his own seat or that would have seemed REALLY, REALLY long. Jacob actually did really well during the whole trip. Only complained a couple of times when he was tired and wanted to sit on our lap.
Once we got to Hawaii we went immediately to the Housing Office to see about getting a place to live. They said that they didn't have any openings right now but put us on the waiting list. We're #2 on the list and we're pretty hopeful that we'll get a house. Some of our friends who moved from Missouri just a couple of days before us were signing papers when we were there and they only had to wait two days. So for right now we're living at a hotel.

Jacob and Blake - enjoying the flight.

Nap-time on the plane.

On the way from the airport - sleepy boy!

Night #2 - Jacob woke up at 5am and when we watched a movie later that night just passed out on me. (7 1/2 mos pregnant - made it out of Missouri 5 days before my "no fly" deadline.)

After church we went to the park by the hotel and let Jacob walk around for a little while.
My cute boys!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Jacob loves to play with kitchen utensils. His favorites are spatulas and measuring spoons. For some reason, he put the spoon in his mouth and started walked around with it for, like, 5 minutes. Funny boy!

Getting the mail with Daddy.

We had the box of Cheerios on the table and he decided that he wanted some so he got the box, pulled out the bag, and helped himself.

So proud of himself!

Later that night, Blake was "keeping an eye" on Jacob when the room went quiet. When Blake started searching for him, this is what he found. Wipes all over.

Jacob loves to stack the baking containers. Right after I took the second picture, he managed to get the lid off the powdered sugar and started playing with it. We didn't get a picture of that.

We finally got our amended orders today! Just in time. The movers have been packing our stuff all day and we leave at the end of the week. Whoo-hoo!!

Another funny clip of Jacob -