Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life goes on . . .

We decided to cut Jacob's hair last week because it had been getting so long. Since he's been born, we've cut it twice but only the back. When we washed his hair it would get in his eyes so we decided "it's time."

Before Haircut

During Haircut (not so happy with us)

So glad it's over

Some of Jacob's favorite things:

Eating - pretty much anything

Getting into things (after I took this picture he emptied the drawer onto the floor)

Watching Daddy do things

"Helping" Daddy put the dryer together

Jacob makes the funniest faces! The first one is my favorite!

Thanksgiving was so much fun! But we didn't take any pictures at all. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I made a turkey and a honey ham and we invited a few of our friends over for a potluck Thanksgiving Dinner. On Thursday we went to Blake's brothers house for Thanksgiving. (Dinner was WONDERFUL Angela! Thanks again!) At 3:30 AM on Black Friday I went with Angela (Blake's brothers wife) and her mom to go shopping. My favorite find - a $250 luggage set for $80. Whoo-hoo! (Ours WAS what Blake had on his mission - starting to get a little worn around the edges.)

We've moved completely from our old house to the new. So much nicer! I actually can see Blake nights now. We've also been able to have friends over for dinner and they babysat for us so we could go on a date. Wouldn't have happened at the old house. It was a HUGE PAIN to pack everything up and move again but it has been well worth it just to have Blake back at home.

We still don't know when/where we're moving.