Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poor Baby!

I've been meaning to update for so long now but we didn't take any pictures during our California Trip. Moms and Dads did so we'll need to wait until we get some pics to update that. (Mom and Dad D and T - can you email us some pics? Thanks!)
In the meantime, we've been trading colds back and forth. Jacob's had the worst of it though. We found out yesterday he has an ear infection in both ears. Apparently the left one is REALLY bad, but he has such a high tolerance to pain that it doesn't really bother him that much. The only difference between usual and now (besides runny nose and cough) is that he sleeps more and eats less. I didn't realize how picky sick kids can be! Jacob usually eats most things and tries everything but now it's down to oatmeal, fruit smoothies, applesauce, bread and cheese. At least it's healthy.

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