Sunday, January 10, 2010

Updated Pics

Here's just some random pictures that were on our camera and phone.
We're trying to teach Jacob to fold his arms during prayer. It works until we shut our eyes.
Jacob LOVES to watch movies! (You can't tell but a movie is playing.)
Jacob saw Blake using his keys to open the door and he wanted to do the same thing. But on the inside - didn't work so well.
Jacob and Daddy - just chillin'
One day, Jacob got all quiet - and you know that means trouble. When I called him into the living room, he came as quickly as he could and later when I walked by the bathroom, this is what I saw.
It had been an almost new roll.
When we were in Bakersfield, Grandpa Dunn let Jacob try to feed himself.
We went to a park in Bakersfield. Jacob LOVED the swings!
Aunt Sonnet was nice enough to go down the slide with Jacob.
Mommy couldn't fit through the little opening.
"I'm on top of the world!!!" Or Aunt Sonnet. Close enough.

The Sunday after Christmas, Jacob decided that he needed to walk and just took off. He hasn't stopped since.


Melody said...

Jacob is getting so big and I can't believe he's walking! Such cute pictures...I've always loved how smiley he is!:)

Susan said...

Dad, Sonnet and I are veiwing the new post together and laughing. How cute are your pics. Is that really how big you show movies? Wow.
Love Mom

Zion And Missy said...

Little cutie boy; love his haircut! I was talking to mom yesterday about coming to visit when the baby is born. If dad and matt comes, we will def. be there. But not if you go to Germany. :/ Hope that's not where you go. He is growing up too fast.

Parks Family said...

I love that stage! Toilet paper and all. He has grown so much since we last saw you guys. What a cutie!

michelle said...

Jacob. Just so you know, the "Calvin and Hobbs" trick of flushing the toilet and quickly dropping in the edge of the TP does NOT work. It will not wildly spin down the sewer wildly to entertain you. But, it is fun to try.