Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunflower Butter what???

So, I receive a lot of free samples in the mail. One such thing was Sunbutter. Basically, it's like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds. Blake and I tried it tonight on a piece of bread and I could only eat half of it. (For those of you who don't know, I'm allergic to peanuts and all tree nuts. The last time I had a bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I didn't even come to the top of the counter. ) Sunbutter has the consistency of creamy peanut butter and the same look and (to me) smell like peanut butter so as I'm eating my piece of bread with Sunbutter my mind is screaming out that this is incredibly WRONG!! Hence, I only ate half. Blake had a slightly different reaction. After he tried the Sunbutter he had an incredibly confused look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said that his brain was confused. In his mouth he registered having the smooth texture and consistency of peanut butter but his taste buds and nose registered large hints of sunflower seeds. And even though he said he liked it he kept that same confused look on his face for the entire piece of bread. Jacob just liked it and kept trying to steal more bites from his dad and me.


Zion And Missy said...

gOING TO Look for this at the health food store. Maybe I should check to see if I have one in my town yet. :/ But why waste money when I LOVE Peanut Butter?!?!

Zion And Missy said...

Give me the website where you got a sample. Going to see if I can try it that way.

sbdunn said...

It was just a website that sends me a daily list of freebies. Got it a while ago so I don't remember which one.