Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life goes on . . .

We decided to cut Jacob's hair last week because it had been getting so long. Since he's been born, we've cut it twice but only the back. When we washed his hair it would get in his eyes so we decided "it's time."

Before Haircut

During Haircut (not so happy with us)

So glad it's over

Some of Jacob's favorite things:

Eating - pretty much anything

Getting into things (after I took this picture he emptied the drawer onto the floor)

Watching Daddy do things

"Helping" Daddy put the dryer together

Jacob makes the funniest faces! The first one is my favorite!

Thanksgiving was so much fun! But we didn't take any pictures at all. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I made a turkey and a honey ham and we invited a few of our friends over for a potluck Thanksgiving Dinner. On Thursday we went to Blake's brothers house for Thanksgiving. (Dinner was WONDERFUL Angela! Thanks again!) At 3:30 AM on Black Friday I went with Angela (Blake's brothers wife) and her mom to go shopping. My favorite find - a $250 luggage set for $80. Whoo-hoo! (Ours WAS what Blake had on his mission - starting to get a little worn around the edges.)

We've moved completely from our old house to the new. So much nicer! I actually can see Blake nights now. We've also been able to have friends over for dinner and they babysat for us so we could go on a date. Wouldn't have happened at the old house. It was a HUGE PAIN to pack everything up and move again but it has been well worth it just to have Blake back at home.

We still don't know when/where we're moving.


Zion And Missy said...

The second Tia saw Jacob's picture she leaned into the computer and kissed him. And right now she is waving at him. Too cute. Too bad we don't live closer...we would watch Jacob...for FREE! Oh well, we are happy you like your new house. Love the blue toenails. I miss Jacobs old hair. His new cut makes him look grown up....i miss babies. New ones a comin' though. Can't wait. I was thinking...maybe before I go to mom and dad's house we can stop by your place and stay a few days then head onto Fresno. Being 7 months (the size of 10 months) and one kid on my lap and one three year old then 10 hour day traveling with be...let's just say not good.

Zion And Missy said...

Love his facial expressions. I've got my eye on you!

Susan said...

Love the haircut and the expressions. I've been telling Susan we need to get a new set of luggage as well. Where did you find such a great deal? Thanks for the "No Pictures". How are we supposed to live vicariously without them? Love ya. See you in a few weeks. Dad.

Susan said...

Blake & Sara,
Thank you for the up-date - we love the pictures. Makes us feel like we are right there. So looking forward to your visit. Say, Blake said you would be in Fresno then come up to Bakersfield on Christmas Eve, but why don’t you stay over in Fresno so you can be a part of Matt’s Christmas call. Here’s a thought – get Melissa on the web cam, put Matt on speaker phone and all five Termeers can be together on Christmas. In the great Dunn tradition of celebrating when it is most convenient, we will wait to have Christmas whenever you get here.

You are, however, in big trouble for not taking any pictures at Thad’s – you’re killing me.


Rinez said...

The haircut is great and I love the tippy toes! Could those eyes get any bigger or prettier. What a lady killer he's going to be!

shortylori said...

Hey friends!! I am really excited for you and hope everything is going well! This brings me back to the days without blogs, email, facebook.... how did we ever survive??? Well, somehow we did:) I hope all is going well! Things are going good here, just a lot of changes. I have been posting stuff on my blog as well as the "Champlin" blog. If you don't have that its:
Love you guys!

Lori Champlin

Anonymous said...

If I would have known you two did haircuts I would let you cut mine while you were here!! LOL! We miss you!