Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still in a hotel but that's ok.

No house yet. But it's nice because I don't have to make the beds, take out the trash, vacuum, cook . . . LOL!

Found this picture on Blake's phone. This is right before the Formal Banquet that we went to in Missouri. Thanks Mom Dunn for making me the dress!!

Jacob has an entire crib to sleep in but he chooses to sleep like this for part of the time every night.

We went to the Hawaii Temple to walk around and found this frog in the walk way. Just sitting there. Totally dead. And it was as big as Blake's fist. He wanted to take another picture with his hand in the picture but the camera battery died. That's also why we don't have any family pics in front of the Temple.

Jacob likes to try shoes on.

Jacob and Daddy having fun.

Just woke up. Don't you just love the bed-head look?


Susan said...

Yea – glad the dress worked. That frog was dead? He totally looks alive. So, the pictures on the bed are darling. Don’t know which is my favorite – the pic where they are both watching TV or the one where Jacob is watching Blake. Cute, Cute. Love Mom

Parks Family said...

Love the dad and son pictures. You are one of the prettiest pregnant woman ever!

Rinez said...

Great pictures. I love the one where he's looking at his Daddy. That's a classic because that's what he'll always be doing. And he's got a wonderful Daddy to look to! Heard today that you got a house! Happy moving!