Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, we finally made it to Hawaii. We had an hour flight from St. Louis to Chicago and then a 9 hour flight to Honolulu. I'm really glad that Jacob had his own seat or that would have seemed REALLY, REALLY long. Jacob actually did really well during the whole trip. Only complained a couple of times when he was tired and wanted to sit on our lap.
Once we got to Hawaii we went immediately to the Housing Office to see about getting a place to live. They said that they didn't have any openings right now but put us on the waiting list. We're #2 on the list and we're pretty hopeful that we'll get a house. Some of our friends who moved from Missouri just a couple of days before us were signing papers when we were there and they only had to wait two days. So for right now we're living at a hotel.

Jacob and Blake - enjoying the flight.

Nap-time on the plane.

On the way from the airport - sleepy boy!

Night #2 - Jacob woke up at 5am and when we watched a movie later that night just passed out on me. (7 1/2 mos pregnant - made it out of Missouri 5 days before my "no fly" deadline.)

After church we went to the park by the hotel and let Jacob walk around for a little while.
My cute boys!


Now you've dunn it said...

So happy you are all safe and sound and all together in Hawaii. Hey, look at those short pants - a little different weather than in Missouri huh?
Love Mom & Dad

michelle said...

"Welcome Home". When does Blake report in for work? Will you have time to explore?

Zion And Missy said...

Fun! Fun! FUN! So glad you guys made it there safe! Take lots of pics! :) Let's get on the webcam. Call your hotel and find out the password for the internet. Call us!

Lindsay Quinney said...

How wonderful to be in Hawaii! Do you know how long you will be living there! What an amazing adventure to have your spouse be in the military. So many different places you get to see. Enjoy all the site seeing!

Nate and Sarah said...

Glad you guys made it safe! I have to be honest, I am a little jealous that you guys get to live in Hawaii! But maybe you can answer in one of the most beautiful states in the US...where do YOU go for vacation?

Rinez said...

So good to know you're there as a family unit. I know it was touch a go for a while. How fun for #2 to be able to say he was born in Hawaii!

shortylori said...

Sara I'm so excited for you guys! What an adventure you guys have had the last few years! Oh, and you will totally have a kid born in Hawaii!