Monday, April 30, 2012

The blog hiatus is over

Just putting short blurbs with pictures. 

Welcoming Blake home at the beginning of April. You might need to blow the picture up but Jacob's smile is so big - he is ecstatic seeing his Daddy again.  

Baby #3 is scheduled to come at the end of the year.  Due date is December 31st.  

Joshie turned 2 this last Thursday. We had a military ball so we didn't celebrate until a few days later. 

I hadn't gotten him a fork yet and he didn't want to wait. 

Just asked me if he could have some more cake.

The night before the ball I spent a lot of time trying to do my hair but failed miserably.  So I went and got it done.  The only instruction I gave was that it had to stay until the end of the night.  (This was at 11 am.)

One morning, Jacob asked if he could help me make breakfast so I put him in charge of the toast for everyone.  He put the bread in the toaster and pushed it down.  When it popped up he told me so I could take it out and then he buttered it.  He was so proud of himself.  

Blake has had some very short days and occasionally we will have the boys in daycare and do some things together.  This particular day we went to Chili's for lunch and then I had some things to return to Ross so Blake waited for me in the car.  I came back to this.  I asked if he had a good nap and he said not really.  I was completely joking when I asked if he wanted me to go back in so he can have a better nap.  But he said yes (good husband!!) so I got to do another 45 minutes of shopping and he was perfectly happy being in the car. 


Tara said...

Your family is beautiful!

Tara said...


Susan said...

What a TREAT! The homecoming pictures are priceless. Jacob does have the biggest smile. Josh is getting so big I can’t believe it. So, Dec. 31st – Great! The boys look so cute with their signs. Absolutely love the Ball pictures.. Your hair looked beautiful. Did it stay all night? Good for Jacob with the toast. He is growing into quite the little man. And finally, yes, you do have a good husband. I am sure sleeping in the car (or anywhere for that matter) is something he learned from his father as I have seen Dad do the same thing many a time.
Thanks for posting. Love to all,

melissa t. said...

thats a great photo of the four of you looking at the camera. you should print it and frame it. congrats on another baby! only a few more months until we see if its a girl...or boy. :) you guys looked great at the ball!