Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun Stuff

The other night we had tacos and burritos. I put our food on the table and then went back to the kitchen to get drinks. When I went back to the table, Jacob was sitting on the ground with the edge of my unrolled burrito in his hand, beans dripping onto the floor. I guess he decided that he was hungry and wanted to start dinner. The torn edges in the picture is what he managed to eat before I got to him. I took the burrito from him before I realized it was a good picture opportunity. The look on his face was like "I was waiting patiently and then I got hungry. Why is everyone looking at me??" Blake and I just had to laugh.

For President's Day, Blake had off so we decided to go to the St. Louis Zoo. They always have free admission and because it was starting to snow, they had free parking on that day. It was the first time that Jacob has visited the zoo and he had a lot of fun. (Blake and I did too!)

Jacob walked around the zoo most of the time. There weren't very many people so sometimes we just let him run around.
Jacob had a runny nose and then fell into the dirt. He thought the dirt mustache was funny and complained when we tried to clean it off.
Jacob and I in the monkey house.
Blake thought that these animals were fake. He'd only seen them in pictures and thought that the stripes were photo shopped in. He was excited to learn that they were real.

Jacob and Daddy looking at monkeys.
When we were in the reptile house we found this snake. (Look at the picture below this one.) Named after us???

Jacob loved running around looking into the different tanks.


Zion And Missy said...

You guys are vipers...I think they were named after you. :) Can't wait to come and visit Jacob in Hawaii. As dad always says, "that's my boy!"

Now you've dunn it said...

What a fun day. I think that cute Okapi is my new favorite animal. Glad you made zoo visit before you left the area. Can you believe it - only one more week before you leave. Love you, Mom

Lindsay Quinney said...

The zoo during the winter is great cause its not very crowded but pretty much all of the animals are still out and able to be seen! So fun!