Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I Did On My Fall Vacation . . .Part II

There were a lot of things that we did on our vacation that I didn't want to put in order in our blog so this is just going to be a hodgepodge of pictures and captions.

One of the things that we did in NH was go to the apple orchard and pick our own apples. There was also a little pumpkin patch and playground.

Jacob's first time on a swing

Picking Apples

Me and Aiden walking to get apples

We ended up traveling to New Hampshire on my birthday so we celebrated the day after. Happy 27th to me!

Tia is NOT eating Jacob's nose. They are giving each other a kiss.
In the pumpkin patch at the apple orchard. Cutie Patooties!!
When Jacob gets tired while shopping he will take your hand, put it beside his face to use as a pillow and will fall asleep. This is in the parking lot after about 10 min of sleeping. Melissa and I had to take turns holding his head while we checked out.

In NH there is a children's meuseum and Jacob went down the slide by himself. In the first picture it doesn't look like he's having much fun but the second picture tells how he really felt.

I took this picture after a bath. Does anyone see a resemblance to the look Robert Pattinson always gives??

THREE TEETH! There are a few more that are SOOO close to popping out but they're not quite there yet. Maybe when Daddy gets home . . .

Bath time with cousin Tia.


Melody said...

I LOVE the swing pic and the pumpkin patch pic! So adorable. That's hilarious that he takes your hand to fall asleep while shopping. He's so health conscious. Better than laying on the dirty cart!

Zion And Missy said...

Wow...first time on the swing? You guys need to get out more. :) Apple picking looked like fun...good thing it took us only 4 hours to get there. Loved having you guys visit!

MusicKitty said...

He has gotten SO BIG! Looks like you two had a blast :)

Susan said...

I absolutely love the vacation, parts I & II. What a wonderful fun for your family. Thanks for the pictures and updates. Oh, I think the background looks great!
Love Mom Dunn