Friday, August 7, 2009


We find ourselves in an interesting predicament. We just moved out of our apartment yesterday. When most people move, they go to the Post Office and fill out a change of address so that their mail can instantly be forwarded to where they are moving. You can still receive your bills on time. You can still receive your junk mail! And if we didn't have computers, you could still receive letters from friends. Sara and I, however, find ourselves sitting in a hotel room in Gallup, New Mexico. "Where are you moving to," you might ask. "Where should we send the 'just thinking of you' cards?" The truth is . . . we have no idea. Somewhere in Missouri there is a home which will have our name on it. Is that home in a nice neighborhood? Is that home an apartment/duplex/condo/house? Will there be a garage? Will Jacob have his own bedroom or will he sleep in his crib in the corner of the kitchen (due to lack of space) with the hum of the refrigerator to lull him to sleep at night? We don't know. Only time will tell.
This is a strange feeling to be homeless. To not know where you will sleep that night. And then you realize that where ever you stop, as long as you're with your family, you're at home.


MusicKitty said...

I wish you guys the best! I thought you weren't moving until beginning of next week?

Zion Tilley said...

Blake, I think this is the first post to your blog. Welcome!
I am so sorry to say that Sara does not know what it is like to be homeless. She has been homeless a number of times. :) You should have brought your webcam with you guys. We could have gotten on to pass the time. Hope everything is going well. Send us your address or post it on here so I can know where to send your house/condo/apartment warming gift!

Susan said...

Just think of the up side - no PG&E bill to pay, no lawn to mow. Ha! Have fun at Thad's and good luck landing a place when you get to Fort Wood.
Love, Mom

MegiJones said...

First off, Congrats Blake on becoming an officer! Sooo cool. I can't believe how big Jacob is getting and now you're on to Missouri. And being homeless is a little strange but also very exciting at the same time...good luck getting settled in! By the way, our blog is private now, so I have updated it many times in the last 8 months, but it won't show up on your sidebar when I do...thought you might want to know!

Zion Tilley said...

Sorry, on my last post I meant to say she DOES know what it is like to be homeless. I watched Jacob crawling on the last post and it is soooo funny that you are getting him to crawl by using the Tylenol bottle. Tia LOVES that, too!! :)