Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Second timer

At first we thought that we were doing pritty good simply by creating a blog. However, we now know that it is worse to start a blog and not keep it up than it is to not start a blog at all. We will try to update this more often.
Sara is getting big and happy. Pregnancy is probobly one of the only few times a wife will come up and tell her husband with a big smile that she is gaining weight. We are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of Little Jacob


Parks Family said...

keep up the post and put up some pictures of you and sara!
(so bossy!)
love ya

MegiJones said...

umm ok Blake thanks for letting me know you even had a blog! I had to find it off of your mother's!! Welcome to the blogging world...I like to stay updated on how you all are doing...Glad to hear things are going well with the pregnancy Sara!!!